There are 3 methods of cutting and supplying our custom printed stickers

Die Cut and supplied individually, Kiss Cut and supplied on sheets OR supplied as Rolls of Stickers

So what method will you need to suit your application?

Die Cut and supplied individually

Here at Polar Print our standard cutting method is the individually supplied die cut method where we digitally print directly onto the vinyl and then contour cut the stickers using our Oce Procut cutting table. Our latest technology Procut cutting table uses a vacuum to hold the vinyl in place for millimetre perfect cuts. This allows us to cut any size (within vinyl parameters) and shape quickly and cost effectively.

With this method the procut cuts all the way through the vinyl and the backing sheet so that your stickers are now supplied individually. We wrap or bag all the stickers together to protect them from damage during delivery.

When you are ready to use the stickers you just need to pick up one edge of the vinyl sticker and peel off the backing paper. Make sure when sticking your vinyl stickers down that you stick them onto a flat clean surface.

All stickers will be cut and supplied this way unless specifically chosen to be kiss cut.

Kiss Cut and supplied on sheets (by request only)

With the kiss cut stickers method the stickers are again printed directly onto a large sheet of vinyl. We then use our Oce Procut cutting table again to cut the stickers to shape but we use a kiss cut tool which will only cut through the vinyl sticker and won’t cut through the backing paper. This leaves all the printed and cut vinyl on a large sheet of backing paper.

To package these stickers we cut the large sheet down to a size to fit into a cardboard box or bagged in A4 size bags.

When you are ready to use your kiss cut stickers you just need to peel each sticker off the sheet of backing paper.

Which method of supplying our vinyl cut stickers is really determined by what you are using them for. If you need to use all stickers at once and are applying one after the other then maybe the kiss cut method would be better for you . It also depends on the size of the stickers, if you are wanting quite small stickers then they may be easier to handle on larger sheets than peeling the individual backings off.

Supplied as Rolls of Stickers

We can also supply stickers on rolls. Our rolls of paper stickers are a great option for large quantities of stickers that you need to use frequently.

If you have any questions about our Custom Printed Stickers please contact our friendly customer support team.

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